Turkey Day Market – November 25

Pick up your pre-ordered turkeys and desserts as well as other needed items

Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center
7 Lock Street
19127 Philadelphia
Monday, November 25, 2019 at 4 PM – 7:30 PM



Walnut Run Farm
Cash, Credit Cards

In addition to turkeys, Melvin will be bringing pork, including but not limited to spare ribs, bacon, chipped ham, and a number of different sausages which are all nitrate free cured meats — No MSG seasonings — and 100% grass-fed beef, such as a variety of steaks, ground beef, burger patties ready for grilling, and beef sticks and bologna. He also will be bringing eggs, chicken (whole chicken, bone-in and boneless breasts, and drumsticks), produce … Read the rest

At the Market, October 19th

So as I write this the weather is definitely autumnal. ‘Course climate change may bring temperatures in the 80s this weekend. But at some point I think it’s gotta snow, and climate change may make it a Godzilla of a snow storm. And that’s why I’ve been ordered by The Nemesis Of My Life (Nemesis for shortness) to stock up on the good stuff at the Farmers Market this weekend. Which makes me feel more secure. But not because we’ll be prepared for a huge snow storm. That’s all cool, but most importantly it means there won’t be space in the freezer for Nemesis to hide my body when one of my idiotic shenanigans becomes her “last straw”. Until then, … Read the rest

At the Market, October 12th

So, 5:30 in the morning, the first coffee, bouncing between Tedeschi Trucks and Hank Mobley over the speakers, preparing to post this week’s vendor list from our hard working market manager. And I’m thinking ’bout how much our Farmers Market changed my thinking about food shopping. I always focused on price per pound, rarely the quality of what we got. But the poultry, meats, veggies,  sweets and other goods at our Market are far superior to what we used to buy. We never had much money but food is a pleasure we try to indulge. And we think the stuff we get from the Market is among the best value for the money we ever got. Coming from my spouse, … Read the rest

At the Market, September 28th

So life is tough, ya know? I mean, this week’s cartoon may know something. Maybe those falling acorns aren’t some lovely autumn occurrence but actually a dive bombing army of small psycho assassins sent by a justifiably angry Mother Nature? Life is tough. The other day my spouse says to me in our home, “Why you gotta talk to me every time you see me?” Really? But I get it. We been together a long time. Life is tough. That’s why I love our Farmers Market. This week we got farmers, mushrooms, breads, cookies, wine, teas, new food trucks, crochet, art that mixes traditional and digital, the Fall Line of handcrafted soy candles, handmade soap, and again wonderful harpist … Read the rest

At the Market, September 21st

Alright, so usually we try to have some entertaining and silly summary of the vendors at this week’s farmers market. But this week is Parks On Tap see, a really great event in Pretzel Park. And this week my spouse upped the struggle with me to be more ‘present’ and ‘connected’ see, something never a strength in my skill set. So I’m stressed a wee bit, see? And this week is Parks On Tap, see? And I really needed a beer, see? Or maybe more than one beer, see? So all I know is I went to Parks On Tap last night and this morning woke up in the Dog Run with three pugs licking my face. So I’m running Read the rest