At the Farmers Market 05/28/2016

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Crawford Organics
Among their crops this week are: Lettuce, Kale, Spinach, Chard, Dandelion Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, Shallots, Leeks, Herbs, Carrots and Strawberries.

That’s right folks, strawberries!

They also will have available eggs, grass-fed cheese, yogurt., grass-fed raw milk, and raw honey. If you are interested in apple cider, maple syrup, and flowers, speak with Justin and perhaps he can bring those to the next market.

Tim Bellew Food
They will be offering turkey sloppy Joes, and kale, leek and feta hand pies as well as home-brewed iced tea and low-sugar sodas. He also will have muffins, cherry ginger scones, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, sesame chia peanut bars, pecan pie, blueberry crumb cakes, and granola. In addition, he will have dog treats. Everything is made with mostly organic ingredients, and many are gluten free.
Fifth of a Farm Creations
Jams and jellies hand crafted in small batches using all natural ingredients. Some of their jams and jellies are: Blue Bell Hill Berry Jam, Harrogate Peach Jam, Rittenhouse Red Pepper Jelly, Port Richmond Grape Jelly and Strawberry Mansion Jam. They also have seasonal jams and jellies as well as gift baskets.
The Baker’s Jar
The Baker’s Jar is the brainchild of Avery Goldman who opened the bakery in 2014. She puts a new spin on classic desserts with uncompromising attention to taste and presentation. They have cakes, pies and puddings in mason jars, as well as cookies. Among some of the choices are: lemon pie, ooey gooey chocolate cake, carrot cake and happy birthday cake.
Bowerbird Garden
Kimberly Campanaro from Bowerbird Garden creates unique planted designs by combining re-purposed or up-cycled objects with artfully arranged and carefully selected succulents, tropical, perennials and annuals.
Bowerbird Garden also sources and creates custom-designed orders for all events and special occasions.
2Fourteen Cheesecakes
Gourmet cheesecakes and packaged in jars. The flavors are: Banana Crunch, Blueberry Crunch, Cherry Crunch, Cookie Blast Crunch, Egg Nog Crunch, Lemon Crunch, Pineapple Crunch, Strawberry Crunch, and Sweet Potato Crunch.

A free cup of most excellent Volo coffee with any purchase.

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