The Annual Pretzel Park Turkey Day! Order your turkey now!

Monday November 19, 2018 4:30-7:30 pm
Venice Island Performing Arts and Recreation Center
7 Lock Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127

At this market we will have:

1. Pasture raised, non-GMO, fresh turkeys: pre-ordered online with deposit  
12 – 18 lbs. each
Delivered fresh – never frozen
Available cut for extra $5


2. Produce
Brussels Sprouts; Sweet Potatoes; Spinach; Leeks; Potatoes; Shallots; Winter Squash (butternut; delicata; spaghetti; red, green and gray kabocha, mini-hubbard); Parsnips; Carrots; Collards; Kale; Turnips with greens; Parsley root

3. Meats (Frozen)
Pasture raised sausage & pork
100% Grassfed & finished beef\
Pasture raised chicken
100% Grassfed lamb

Jacqueline Schneider Art
Philadelphia (East Falls), PA
Credit cards, checks and Venmo accepted

Jacqueline Schneider is a local artist from East Falls who creates original artwork. She will be bringing original paintings and canvas prints as well as her hand-made crafts which include hand-beaded earrings, hand-knit scarves, and small-batch, all-natural soy wax candles.

Livengood Family Farm
1648 Morningside Dr., Lancaster, PA

Located at the intersection of Lancaster’s beautiful farming country and the recent suburb expansion, our vegetable farm has been the sole enterprise of our family for 30 years. We are a three generation family business consisting of Earl and Joyce and son Dwain and Audrey and their family. Building sustainable enterprises that encourage creative is our passion. Building blocks include grass, vegetables, grass-eating animals and birds and hungry persons who appreciate wholesome food.

Our animal and vegetable offerings are Beyond Organic. We were certified organic for over 15 years beginning in the early ’90s helping to develop the Certified Organic label in Pennsylvania as charter members of Pennsylvania Certified Organic. Since then our focus on “Green Everyday” animal management has taken us above and beyond organic certification standards. Since most of our customers are private individuals who know us and our farming practices well, a third party inspection process seemed unnecessary. We welcome your visit for personal verification of our Beyond Organic practices!

Our herds and flocks help retired farmers and landowners keep their beautiful landscape in farming. If you live nearby, we expect you to stop by to meet our family and see how living on the edge of farmland loss is possible with your help.

We’ve also experienced raising meat birds on grass and have found the results delightful! We will be doing more broilers and holiday turkeys this season.

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