Sideshow Prophets to Rock the Park

The Sideshow Prophets are going to rock Pretzel Park Friday August 3, from 6pm to 8pm.  Bring your date, bring your dinner, bring your dog, but whatever you do, bring something to hang on to!

The Sideshow Prophets are a 7 piece Punk Rock Rhythm-n-Blues Band from the heart of Philadelphia. This veteran septet pulls influences from all over the musical map, twisting the rhythm-n-blues of the 40’s, the rebel rock-n-roll of the 50’s, the sweet soul sound of the 60’s and the punk attitude of the 70’s into an intoxicating wall-o-sound.

A soul-siren and a whisky soaked gravel blend for dual vocals as if Tina dumped Ike and hooked up with Howlin Wolf only to adopt the bastard children of the MG’s and the MC5 as their own. Their ferocious live set has torn up stages for over 10 years and is sure to leave you shaken and lusting for more. /

Sideshow Prophets

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