At THE MARKET, Saturday, March 2nd

Saturday, MARCH 2nd
11:00am – 1:00pm
Rain or Shine
Come to the Pretzel Park Farmers Market to find fresh ingredients to eat healthy, socialize and be a part of the community, or discover items created locally by talented artisans.
Food vendors:

*Walnut Run Farm
Credit cards [$10 minimum]; Cash
FMNP vouchers are accepted
Melvin will be bringing: Veggies (spinach, salad mix, collard greens, fennel, carrots, garlic, onions, potatoes, and sweet potatoes); fruit (apples); meats (grass-fed beef, pork, veal); pastured poultry; eggs; cheese; cheeseburger soup; chili soup; pizza kits; baked goods; kombucha; apple cider; honey; and maple syrup.  *Peaceful Springs Farm’s products are now available here.
*Austin’s Tea
Credit Cards; PayPal
Zachary Austin’s mission is to provide tea lovers (and beginners) in the U.S. with the highest quality Camellia Sinensis by importing small batches of whole-leaf tea and teaware from China, Japan, and Taiwan. No additives, artificial flavors, or herbal tisanes — just small farms, terroir-sourced leaves, and real relationships. He will be bringing Sencha, Oolong, Matcha, Black Tea, Aged Puer, as well as clay and porcelain teaware from global artisans.
*Craved Kreations
Cash; Credit Cards; PayPal; CashApp
A Philadelphia-based dessert company which makes homemade ice cream with premium ingredients. The ice cream is crafted in small batches in unique flavors.
*NEW* Cyrenity Sips
Credit Cards; Cash
Get ready to savor the exquisite creations of Cyrenity Sips, a passionate, family-owned winery nestled in the heart of Hatboro, PA! With genuine care, they master every detail – from crafting and bottling to the final touch of labeling. Indulge in a symphony of flavors with their exceptional lineup wines. Cheers to a sip of perfection.
*MadCrumbs by Maddy
Cash; Square; ApplePay; Venmo
Maddy sources the best ingredients to produce small batch macarons which she will be bringing to the market.
*Molto Bene Ravioli
Cash; Credit Cards
Founded by two friends with a love of food and doing their own thing, they make small batch ravioli with big-time flavor. Available at the market are handmade frozen ravioli, pasta sauces, pestos, and meatballs.
*Spotted Horse Provisions

Cash; Credit Cards; Venmo; CashApp

Spotted Horse Provisions is a disabled woman owned business that creates sustainably-minded artisan pantry provisions inspired by a combination of Welsh and Iraqi Sephardi cuisine including: Tomato-based Sauces, Jams, Pickled Vegetables, and Zero-waste Pestos, Spreads & Vinegars. All of our products feature local or regional ingredients. Stop by and learn how you can enjoy the best of the season’s produce all year long! Products range from $7-10.
Returning to the booth this week:
Jams & Jellies: Beach Plum Jelly (Fundraiser for Friends of Island Beach State Park), Concord Grape Balsamic Jelly, Ground Cherry Sauternes Jam, Honeyberry Earl Grey Jam & more!
Sauces: We are stocked up on Tomato Basil – come grab a jar for your favorite pasta dish or to turn into the BEST creamy tomato basil soup! Limited quantities available of Frankenstein Sauce and Roasted Tomato & Za’atar Sauce.
Harissa Pickled Veggies: New to the booth: Inspired by Chef Amanda’s blended Iraqi-Sephardi heritage we’re excited to introduce our new Harissa Pickled Turnips; colored with a slice of fresh beet! The ultra versatile turnip is a traditional side dish is Sephardi cuisine used in Mezze spreads, alongside some of our favorites like pickled eggplant, beets and our roasted garlic spread.
Spreads: Roasted Garlic Spread (sold frozen) now whipped to a light, airy texture making it a perfect spread or flavor boost to any dish. Pesto (sold frozen) is back! Be sure to grab a jar of our Zero-waste Radish Green & Cashew Pesto. Made with fresh radish green and roasted cashews. Our spreads are truly all-purpose kitchen staples. Use as a dip, as a base or topping for pizza, pasta and so much more!
Vinegars: From zesty dressings to tangy marinades, our Zero-waste Vinegars are the ultimate kitchen chameleons! Our current varieties include: *New* Blackberry Tarragon & Beach Plum White Balsamic, Roasted Garlic Thyme, Carrot Ginger, Peach Basil, and Strawberry Chive.
*Succession Fermentory
Cash; Credit Cards
Succession Fermentory produces sour and farmhouse ales using locally grown and sourced ingredients. They will be bringing the following beers:
Enodia (8.2%) – Dark IPA brewed with pale, Vienna, and roasted malts from Double Eagle Malt. Dry hopped with Centennial, Cascade, and Chinook from two PA hop growers.
Nekyia (9.8%) – Winter super saison, brewed with floor malted Pilsner, rye, and Dutch malts from Deer Creek Malthouse. Conditioned with smoked chilis, turmeric, and citrus leaves.
Saison Malus (7.1%) – Mixed culture saison brewed with Pilsner malt, rye malt, and raw wheat. Blended with spontaneously fermented Roxbury Russet and Stoke Red cider. A release from our saison solera, a blend of continuously fermented saison aged in oak.
*Twisted Gingers Beer Company
Cash; Credit Cards; Venmo; Tap to Pay
They will be bringing the following:  Nutz About Philly – Imperial Peanut Stout; Honey Love Shakey Shakey – Honey Vanilla Milkshake DIPA; Gingers Love Cranberries – Cranberry Ginger Gosh; NILAA Brown – Coffee Brown Ale; Mayer Blonde Ale; Orange Seltzer – ON SALE; Ginger Beer & possibly Super Fresh Cans of Daywalker American IPA if it’s Canned in time!  Fresh Beer made 5 Blocks Away!
*Working Class Coffee
Cash; Credit Cards
They will be bringing freshly-roasted bagged coffee by the pound and half pound, including  Rwanda and Sumatra.
*You Need Dessert
Cash; Credit Cards; Venmo; PayPal
They will be bringing the following: assorted sweet bread loaves, mini Dutch apple pies, peach cobbler, handcrafted chicken pot pies, and jumbo cookies.
Non-Food vendors:
*Fifth of a Farm Creations
Cash and Credit Cards accepted
Jennifer and Steve have taken a pause in their jam-making, but that hasn’t stopped them from being creative.  They have cooked up 3 new product lines: beverage coasters, ornaments, and tote bags, all with inspirational phrases and graphic designs.
Cash; Credit Cards; Cash App; Apply Pay
Rachel, a local artist, will be bringing greeting cards, stickers, prints, art apparel and glassware.
*NEW* Laura Nicole Walker
Venmo; Credit/Debit; Cash (exact only)
Laura is a local painter and illustrator who does custom portraits of people and pets. She will
have original watercolor paintings including the Manayunk Bridge, prints, gifts and plants to sell.
and with
*NEW* S Pogas Art
Cash; Credit Cards; Venmo
Stephanie is a local artist who will be bringing greeting cards, stickers, tea towels, art prints, and stationary goods.
*NEW* Liberty Alchemy
Cash; Venmo
Kristin Atkin, a Roxborough resident, makes handcrafted organic, grass-fed tallow balm, whipped lotion, tallow & shea butter sugar scrub, tallow lip balm, and tallow sun shield.
*Little Lions, A Cat Company
Cash; Cards; Venmo; CashApp
Little Lions a Cat Company offers the healthiest cat food on the market: Raw! Treats, toys, meal toppers, and apparel are also available.
*Nina’s Network Crafts
IG:  @NinasNetworkCrafts 
Cash; Venmo
Nina’s Network Crafts Etsy shop comes to life for a unique shopping experience! Local crafter, Nina Rodebaugh, creates upcycled gifts and home decor from seashells and wine corks. Featured items include decoupage shell ring dishes, shell wreaths, and LOVE wine cork signs. Have extra wine corks? She will gladly accept them for her projects. 
*Pale40 Wax
Cash; Venmo
Pale40 Wax is back and will have its favorite and best selling hand crafted, small-batch, soy-based candles for Saturday’s market. Quilted Jars $8 a pop. Two for $15. Back Frosted $15 a pop. Two for $25. Pre orders have been temporarily suspended, but wholesale plans are still available for Wedding Favors, Special Events, and Thank You gifts. In person or 
*Shay Lynn  (formerly ShayBeads)
Credit Cards; Venmo; Cash
Shay and Luke will be bringing their signature Handcrafted Jewelry, dainty earrings, gold filled and sterling silver necklaces with semiprecious stones, and hand stamped necklaces as well as tie dyed sweatshirts, artwork on apparel and many other handcrafted pieces.
++[Changes in vendors and/or products can occur]++
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