At THE MARKET Saturday, July 22nd

Saturday, JULY 22nd
10:00am – 2:00pm
Rain or Shine
*ACCT Philly

ACCT Philly is the region’s largest animal care and control service provider, serving the City of Philadelphia by contract. ACCT Philly offers adoption, foster and volunteer programs as well as owner surrender prevention resources. Located in North Philadelphia, it takes in nearly 18,000 animals annually, from dogs and cats, to small animals, reptiles, birds and wildlife. ACCT Philly is open seven days a week – except for major holidays – for pet adoptions.
ACCT Philly’s mission is to provide shelter, care and life saving efforts for homeless, abandoned, and abused animals and protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Philadelphia, providing a benefit to all of the citizens of the City regardless of race or economic status.
*Pennsylvania SPCA
The PSPCA’s mission is to protect animals, prevent cruelty and to improve the health and quality of life throughout Pennsylvania. They do this through their four physical locations – North Philadelphia, Danville, Lancaster and Main Line Animal Rescue, as well as through their Humane Law Enforcement Department which covers 18 counties throughout the state.
Please STAY HOME if you have tested positive for Covid-19 or if you feel sick or have been sick within the last 14 days.
If you prefer, many vendors are accepting pre-orders for market pickup — allowing you to get in and out quickly so you can enjoy the rest of your day. How To Place An Order:  use the link below the vendor’s name if you are pre-ordering and note pre-order deadlines (pre-ordering is encouraged where available).  **If someone else is picking up your orders, please let the vendors know the pickup person‘s full name.  As always, we encourage our customers to wash fruits and vegetables before use.
Food vendors:

*Walnut Run Farm
Credit cards [$10 minimum]; Cash
Melvin will be bringing: Veggies (spinach, lettuce, salad mix, kale, cherry tomatoes, tomatoes, scallions, rhubarb, asparagus, string beans, red beets, zucchini, broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, onions, new potatoes, sweet potatoes and herbs); meats (grass-fed beef, pork, veal); pastured poultry; eggs; cheese; cheeseburger soup; chili soup; pizza kits; baked goods; kombucha; and maple syrup.  *Peaceful Springs Farm’s products are now available here.  Also, there will be hanging baskets.
*NEW* Austin’s Tea
Credit Cards; PayPal
Zachary Austin’s mission is to provide tea lovers (and beginners) in the U.S. with the highest quality Camellia Sinensis by importing small batches of whole-leaf tea and teaware from China, Japan, and Taiwan. No additives, artificial flavors, or herbal tisanes — just small farms, terroir-sourced leaves, and real relationships. He will be bringing Sencha, Oolong, Matcha, Black Tea, Aged Puer, as well as clay and porcelain teaware from global artisans.
*Locust Ridge Honey and Produce
Instagram: @locustridgehoney
Cash; Venmo

A family-owned, small farm using old farming traditions. They will be bringing garlic, shallots, cucumbers, zucchini and multiple types of peppers and herbs.
*NEW* Mike’s Guac
IG: @mikesguac
Cash: Credit Cards; Venmo; PayPal; CashApp; Zelle
They will be bringing their 11 ingredient guacamole (regular and spicy) as well as salsa and pico de gallo.
*Molto Bene Ravioli
Cash; Credit Cards
Founded by two friends with a love of food and doing their own thing, they make small batch ravioli with big-time flavor. Available at the market are handmade frozen ravioli, pasta sauces, pestos, and meatballs.
*NEW* Pickle Monster Hot Sauce
Cash; Credit Cards; Venmo; PayPal; CashApp
Pickle Monster Hot Sauce will be bringing a Dill-icious pickle-flavored hot sauce as well as Hoagie Sauce, Garlic and Onion Pickles and Spicy Boi Pickles.
*Slow Rise Bakery (at the Friends of Pretzel Park table)
Cash only
Bread:  Sourdough, Miche, Garlic, 7-Grain, Multigrain, and Baguettes. 
Baked goods: 4-seed cookies, peanut butter cookies, granola, honey crisps, and brownies.
*NEW* Succession Fermentory
Cash; Credit Cards
Succession Fermentory produces sour and farmhouse ales using locally grown and sourced ingredients. They will be bringing the following beers:
Saison Malus (7.5%) – A blend of 7 and 3 month old mixed culture saisons, brewed with Pilsner malt, rye malt, and raw wheat, conditioned on a blend of pesticide free, non GMO, and local Stayman Winesap and Northern Spy apples.
Sheaf & Shield III (4.5%) – Smoked Vienna style lager brewed with a custom grape-wood smoked malt produced in collaboration with Deer Creek Malthouse.
Piedmont (4.5%) – Session strength American Pale Ale dry-hopped with a blend of Centennial and Chinook hops from Fawn Hill Hop Yard and Murphy’s Hop Yard.
Kobalos (4.4%) – Session ale brewed with barley and wheat malts, fermented with a single strain of Brettanomyces reputed for its production of tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Dry-hopped with with Nelson Sauvin, which contributes a medley of crushed grape, tropical fruit, and citrus notes.
Shadows & Unicorns (10.5%) – Bourbon barrel-aged Tripel, secondary fermented with a fruity strain of Brettanomyces. Classic Belgian yeast aromas of clove and banana, rounded vanilla and bourbon character.
Picea (6.4%) – Farmhouse ale brewed with copious amounts of locally forage spruce tips, and dry-hopped with Centennial hops. Fermented with a strain of Kviek yeast first isolated from a farmhouse brewery in Western Norway. The yeast produces flavors of orange and citrus and the spruce tips produce resinous flavors.
Solar Corona (6.3%) – Sour IPA brewed with wheat, oat, and barley malts from Deer Creek Malt House. Dry-hopped with Ales for ALS hop blend from Yakima Chief Hops. Proceeds from the sale of this beer benefit ALS research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute.
Nebulae (4.2%) – Fruited kettle sour made with strawberries from Green Meadow farm and rhubarb grown in-house. 
*NEW* 2Moods Vodka Seltzer
Cash; Credit Cards; Venmo; Apple/Google Pay
They will be bringing their new Vodka Seltzer, a blend of carbonated water, real vodka, and real fruit juices. Flavors include Pink Lemonade and Black Cherry and will be available in 8 packs for each flavor. Each 8 pack will contain 4 cans of 4% Chill and 4 cans of 8% Thrill. Refreshing in 4% Chill form and slightly indulgent with 8% Thrill. One package, one flavor, two levels of alcohol content.
*Working Class Coffee
Credit Cards; Cash
They will be bringing freshly-roasted bagged coffee by the pound and half pound.  If you like a REAL dark roast The Guatemala Dark roast is for you.  They roast beans from the Huehuetenago region as fully as possible bringing out deep and robust flavor with maximum oil extraction. *Possible flavor profile: Raw honey and baking chocolate.
Non-Food vendors:

*NEW* Blueberry Fields Artisan Soap
IG:  @Blueberryfieldssoap
TikTok:  @Blueberryfieldssoap
Cash; Credit Cards; Venmo
Handcrafted bath and body products by Carol Steinhauser. Olive oil based soaps, as well as body butters, bath bombs, shower steamers, candles, and wax melts.
*Brixxy and Co
Cash; Venmo; PayPal
Alissa creates handmade reversible doggie bandanas.
*NEW* Kifka Creations

Cash; Credit Cards; Venmo; PayPal

Kateryna will be bringing handmade knitted and crocheted items, paintings and drawings to support Ukraine.
*NEW* Little Lions, a Cat Company
Cash; Cards; Venmo; CashApp

Martin makes premium raw cat food for Little Lions a Cat Company. Raw cat food is the best diet choice for cats for so many reasons. New products: cat grass and chicken broth. Come stop by to pick up something for your cat or learn about cats!
*Love, Heather Studio
Cash; Venmo
Heather is a Philadelphia-based artist; a lifelong master of crochet. She will be bringing her handmade dragons crafted from bamboo cotton and sequined thread.
*Pale40 Wax
Cash; Venmo
Pale40 Wax is back and will have its favorite and best selling hand crafted, small-batch, soy-based 4oz candles for Saturday’s market.  Candles: $7/small; $12/large.
*Shay Lynn (formerly ShayBeads)
Credit Cards; Venmo; Cash

Shay and Luke will be bringing their signature Handcrafted Jewelry, dainty earrings, gold filled and sterling silver necklaces with semiprecious stones, and hand stamped necklaces as well as tie dyed sweatshirts, artwork on apparel and many other handcrafted pieces. 
++[Changes in vendors and/or products can occur]++
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