At THE MARKET Saturday, August 26th

Saturday, AUGUST 26th
10:00am – 2:00pm
Rain or Shine
Please STAY HOME if you have tested positive for Covid-19 or if you feel sick or have been sick within the last 14 days.
If you prefer, some vendors are accepting pre-orders for market pickup — allowing you to get in and out quickly so you can enjoy the rest of your day. How To Place An Order: use the link below the vendor’s name if you are pre-ordering and note pre-order deadlines (pre-ordering is encouraged where available). **If someone else is picking up your orders, please let the vendors know the pickup person‘s full name. As always, we encourage our customers to wash fruits and vegetables before use.
Food vendors:

RELAX! Those are ROLLS, NOT a guy’s abdomen!
But still, don’t tell our Market Manager!
*Walnut Run Farm
Credit cards [$10 minimum]; Cash
Melvin will be bringing: Veggies (spinach, lettuce, salad mix, kale, tomatoes [slicing, Heirloom & cherry], sweet corn, string beans, red beets, zucchini, bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, onions, new potatoes, sweet potatoes & herbs); fruit (cantaloupe, peaches, red raspberries, watermelon); meats (grass-fed beef, pork, veal); pastured poultry; eggs; cheese; cheeseburger soup; chili soup; pizza kits; baked goods; kombucha; honey & maple syrup.  *Peaceful Springs Farm’s products are now available here.
*Austin’s Tea – returning September 2nd
*NEWFLAVORit Frozen Seasonings
Cash; Credit Card; Cash App
Joanne will be bringing a blend of chopped seasonings with herbs that is frozen in a cube to maintain a rich flavor and ready to be added to any meal. All-natural, no preservatives, no additives, convenient. 3 flavors: organic, regular, loaded.
Cash; Square; ApplePay; Venmo
Maddy sources the best ingredients to produce small batch macarons which she will be bringing to the market.
*Mike’s Guac
IG: @mikesguac
Cash: Credit Cards; Venmo; PayPal; CashApp; Zelle
They will be bringing their 11 ingredient guacamole (regular and spicy) as well as salsa and pico de gallo.
*Pickle Monster Hot Sauce
Cash; Credit Cards; Venmo; PayPal; CashApp
Pickle Monster Hot Sauce will be bringing a Dill-icious pickle-flavored hot sauce as well as Hoagie Sauce, Garlic and Onion Pickles and Spicy Boi Pickles.
*Slow Rise Bakery (at the Friends of Pretzel Park table)
Cash; Credit Cards
Bread:  Sourdough, Miche, Garlic, Cheese, 7-Grain, Multigrain & Baguettes. 
Baked goods: 4-seed cookies, peanut butter cookies, granola & honey crisps.
*Spotted Horse Provisions

Credit Cards; Cash; Venmo; CashApp

A local company bringing sustainably-minded, artisanal sauces, jams, pickled vegetables, and zero-waste pestos that reflect the blended heritage of a woman starting over.  Every product features local or regional produce…come learn how you can enjoy the best of the season’s produce year ‘round!  New provisions in the booth this week are…Sauce: Roasted Tomato and Za’atar is back for the season; Zero Waste Pestos: Garlic Scape Pistachio is back in stock; Harissa Pickled Vegetables: Shishito Peppers; Hot Pepper Trio; Green Tomatoes; Pepperocinos, and back in stock…Eggplant (Amanda’s personal favorite); and Jams/Jelly: Calendula Wild Fennel; Cherry Hibiscus; and Boozy Blackberry.  Don’t forget to recycle your empty SHP jars with them for a discount on your next purchase.
*NEW* Succession Fermentory
Cash; Credit Cards
Succession Fermentory produces sour and farmhouse ales using locally grown and sourced ingredients. They will be bringing the following beers:
Sheaf & Shield IV, Rye Kellerbier (5.1%): served unclarified and naturally conditioned. Dry hopped with Triumph. Rustic maltiness with hints of straw, spice, and subtle citrus.
Kobalos (4.4%) – Session ale brewed with barley and wheat malts, fermented with a single strain of Brettanomyces reputed for its production of tropical fruit flavors and aromas. Dry-hopped with with Nelson Sauvin, which contributes a medley of crushed grape, tropical fruit, and citrus notes.
Picea (6.4%) – Farmhouse ale brewed with copious amounts of locally forage spruce tips, and dry-hopped with Centennial hops. Fermented with a strain of Kviek yeast first isolated from a farmhouse brewery in Western Norway. The yeast produces flavors of orange and citrus and the spruce tips produce resinous flavors.
Solar Corona (6.3%) – Sour IPA brewed with wheat, oat, and barley malts from Deer Creek Malt House. Dry-hopped with Ales for ALS hop blend from Yakima Chief Hops. Proceeds from the sale of this beer benefit ALS research at the ALS Therapy Development Institute.
*Working Class Coffee
Credit Cards; Cash
They will be bringing freshly-roasted bagged coffee by the pound and half pound. If you like a REAL dark roast The Guatemala Dark roast is for you.  They roast beans from the Huehuetenago region as fully as possible bringing out deep and robust flavor with maximum oil extraction. *Possible flavor profile: Raw honey and baking chocolate.
Non-Food vendors:

*NEW* Gator Bites Pet Treats
IG:  @gatorbites_treats
Cash; Venmo
All natural, human-grade dog treats. Two flavors are available: PB-Carrot treats are made with oat flour, carrots, pumpkin, chicken broth, peanut butter, egg white, turmeric, and citric acid (preservative). Blue-Cranberry treats are made with oat flour, pumpkin, blueberries, cranberries, honey, egg white, and citric acid (preservative).
*NEW* Genesis Plant LLC
IG:  @Genesis_plant_co
Cash; Credit Cards; CashApp; PayPal; Venmo
Sawyer will be bringing the following:  Monstera (Deliciosa); Monstera (Adansonii); Syngonium (White butterfly); Alocasia (Polly) ; Pothos (Marble Queen); & Pothos (golden) 
*Pale40 Wax
Cash; Venmo
Pale 40 Wax says- 
Thanks for the support. Four years strong, and we haven’t even begun. This week Pale40 Wax says:  Let’s clear the table! All 8oz. Black jars $15 a pop. Two for $25. Three for $35. Thunder Storm, Santal 829, Split Vanilla, Lavender Meadow, NorCal Coastline. Pale40 Wax is offering new bombastic face melters: Cinnamon Smooch & Dipped Apple, along with Cafe con Leche, and others that will surely please. It’s going to be a first come, first sniffed, first bought scenario. Let’s end the Summer with the Power of a Thunder Storm n the Elegance of, well, take ur pick. Pale40 Wax would like to recognize the dedicated patrons who don’t need a candle but make sure they say hello. There is never pressure in the Pale40 Wax tent, and the Husky guy behind the table loves shooting the breeze. **Pre orders for the market have been temporarily suspended. Special orders are still accepted at Wedding Favors, Party Favors, Thank you gifts, I live outta town, and all other special events, and home delivery is encouraged. All the aforementioned, more than generously discounted. 
*Shay Lynn (formerly ShayBeads)
Credit Cards; Venmo; Cash
Shay and Luke will be bringing their signature Handcrafted Jewelry, dainty earrings, gold filled and sterling silver necklaces with semiprecious stones, and hand stamped necklaces as well as tie dyed sweatshirts, artwork on apparel and many other handcrafted pieces. 
*NEW* Soap by Alana
IG:  soapbyalana
Cash; Credit Cards; PayPal
Alana Ratliff-Johnson creates artisanal soaps and handmade lotions, body butters and lip butters with luxurious plant-based ingredients.
*NEW* The Bearded Carver
IG:  the bearded carver
Cash; Credit Cards; PayPal
Christian Johnson hand carves wooden items for the kitchen and home.
++[Changes in vendors and/or products can occur]++
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OKAY, we’ve received thousands of inquiries about why certain cartoons are “funny”, so many in fact we’ve had to pay for a service center with an 800 number and staff of 75 people to answer why certain cartoons are “funny”. For example, apparently very few folks saw the humor in the Spatula Cartoon last week, though the cartoon did score high amongst our readers who dropped acid in their youth. No judgement! 
So the ‘humor’ in the above cartoon is that Slim Fast (See the empty can?) worked so well that the person got soooooo slim that they were thin enough to slip through the grate of the sewer cover. Happy now, Susan, Kevin, and the wife of the Cartoon Selector ?

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